How we operate

The National Alliance for Action on Alcohol (NAAA) is an alliance of health, law enforcement and community organisations committed to reducing alcohol-related harm in Australia. The NAAA works primarily in the policy arena as a network with enabling and supporting roles.

The current Co-Chairs of NAAA are Ms Jane Martin, Executive Manager of the Obesity Policy Coalition (OPC) and Alcohol and Obesity Policy at Cancer Council Victoria, and Dr John Crozier, Chair of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons Trauma Committee.

NAAA is administered by an Executive Officer who acts as the organisation’s day-to-day contact.

NAAA’s activities are planned and coordinated by an Executive Committee which meets quarterly, comprising:

  • Professor Steve Allsop, National Drug Research Institute
  • Dr John Boffa, People’s Alcohol Action Coalition
  • Mr Mark Burgess, Police Federation of Australia
  • Ms Jane Martin, Cancer Council Victoria
  • Associate Professor Peter Miller, Addiction Journal
  • Mr Terry Slevin, Public Health Association of Australia
  • Mr Michael Thorn, Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education
  • Professor Robin Room, Centre for Alcohol Policy Research
  • Mr John Rogerson, Australian Drug Foundation
  • Julia Stafford, McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth

The membership of NAAA continues to grow. Applications for membership are open to organisations and should be made to NAAA’s Executive Officer – contact details.

Guests are permitted at meetings if agreed by members.

NAAA is not intended to replace any of the current organisations nor constrain members’ activities in any way, other than with respect to the conditions of membership, which are:

Members will have no direct financial relationship with the alcohol industry or any of its organisations and the alcohol industry shall have no role in policy development within member organisations.