The National Alliance for Action on Alcohol is a national coalition of health and community organisations from across Australia that has been formed with the goal of reducing alcohol-related harm.

Comprising major organisations with an interest in alcohol and public health, the formation of the National Alliance for Action on Alcohol represents the first time such a broad-based alliance has come together to pool their collective expertise around what needs to be done to address Australia’s drinking problems.

The National Alliance for Action on Alcohol aims to put forward evidence-based solutions with a strong emphasis on action.

Taking policy action to reduce alcohol-fuelled harms

Everyone should be able to live in a community where they can live, work and raise children safe and free from harm. However, this opportunity is not afforded to many Australians who experience harms caused by alcohol. Each year, alcohol products are responsible for almost 6,000 deaths among Australians aged 15 years and older and more than 144,000 hospitalisations.

In its Policy Platform, the National Alliance for Action on Alcohol has outlined clear policy proposals that Australian governments can take to reduce alcohol-fuelled harm. Our governments must introduce proven measures that reduce the harms from alcohol products and keep people healthy and well.

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