Position statements

One of NAAA’s first tasks has been to prioritise what needs to be done to achieve a cultural change that will reduce alcohol harms and improve the health of Australians.

NAAA member organisations have both pressed for a comprehensive approach to alcohol and been active in pressing for a range of specific measures. Recognising that there is no single solution, we have focused in the first instance on three priority areas for alcohol action.

NAAA 2017 WA Election Policy Statement

As Western Australians get ready to go to the polls, it is an important time to send a clear message to all political parties that avoidable harm from alcohol is not acceptable.

Alcohol pricing and taxation

International scientific evidence consistently shows that alcohol consumption and harm are influenced by price.

Alcohol marketing and promotion

Alcohol marketing and promotion contributes to young peoples’ attitudes to drinking, starting drinking and drinking at harmful levels.

Alcohol availability

NAAA is calling for action to reassess approaches to alcohol availability and enforcement of legislation.